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About Us

Sando Rotary Equipments Pvt. Ltd. has been promoted by Two young technocrats having more than Twenty years of experience in the field of Rotary Equipments.

"Sando" started the manufacturing of Mechanical Seal in the year 1982 and have the ultra modern manufacturing facilities. All the manufacturing operations are carried out in house including machine carbide, ceramic, carbon etc. A well laid down lapping and testing facilities are in place. “Sando” ensures about total quality are tested under running trials at simulated operating conditions. Major international standards are followed such as ISO, DIN, ANSI and API.

“Sando" commands lot of respect among its Indian & Foreign buyers for its quality and timely deliveries. All the critical seal face raw materials are imported from Europe and USA. “Sando" is holding reasonable level of inventories of these raw materials to meet the emergency delivery schedules of its customers.

Apart from offering mechanical seals as propitiatory designs under the brand name of "Sando", the company is capable of offering seals as per the design & dimensions of international brands such as Durametallic, Crane, Burgmann, Sealol, etc so as to have complete interchangeability. We at “Sando” offer, excellent after sales service with installation services during project implementation stage and also impart training to maintenance staff.

Our "Design & Application Engineering Cell"studies the customer requirements based on the inputs made available to us and the vast data base on behavior of the fluids to arrive at the right selection of design and seal face combination suitable for a particular application prior to the final recommendations.

"Sando"diversified its activities in 1990 and stared the manufacturing unit for "Silica Epoxy Corrosion Resistant" pumps and Investment Cast centrifugal pumps.

"Sando"Silica Epoxy / Graphite / Solid PTFE pumps are suitable for highly corrosive and hazardous fluid handling. These pumps are non - metallic but having the strength of metal. It can handle liquids containing slurry particles due to excellent abrasion resistance properties. These pumps can handle liquids upto 150° C.

"Sando"Investment Cast Pumps are offered in SS 316, 316L, Alloy - 20 & Hastalloy material of construction. Due to investment casting with the help of wax moulds, the surface finish of Casing, Impeller and Back Plate is very smooth as if they are machined.

"Sando"is enjoying the pioneer status in manufacturing Magnetic Drive Sealless Pumps in PP, PVDF, Teflon Lined ductile iron amoured, SS 316 material of construction. The critical component of the pumps is magnet which is imported from Germany made from rare earth material which is capable of handling fluids upto 350°C without losing its magnetism. These pumps are regularly exported to various countries Southeast Asia & Middle East.

"Sando"has extended this technology in manufacturing Magnetic Drive Sealless Agitator assemblies which are capable upto 400 Bar reaction pressures.

Plastic product division of "Sando" is manufacturing versatile & unique design of valves made from Alloy, PP, PVDF, Lined PP & Solid PVDF Ball Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Butterfly Valves, Non Return Valves, Sight Glasses as well as pipes & fittings. The raw materials for these products are imported from Basel, Switzerland.

In addition "Sando"has independent manufacturing facilities for Progressive Cavity Positive Displacement Screw Pumps widely used for slurries, semi liquid / semi –solid fluids and hard to transfer liquids.

"Sando"is the second largest Gear Pump manufacturer in India offering Internal & External Gear Designs, Jacketed Housing and Special Alloy material of constructions.

"Sando"has four manufacturing units located in the vicinity of Mumbai and having the branch offices at Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Baroda and Ahmedabad. The company’s Head Office is located at Mumbai.

The Metallic Pumps are manufactured in the state of Gujarat at Ahmedabad. The unit headed by Mr. Sagar Shukla is Mechanical Engineering graduate with more than 20 years of experience in design & manufacturing of various types of chemical process pumps. The chemical process pumps in metallic construction include Horizontal, Vertical, and Boiler Feed Pumps.

The Board of Directors Comprises of following Gentlemen:

Mr. Kamlesh Shah
B.E.(Hons.) Chemical Engg.
Mr. Jitendra Doshi
B.E.(Hons.) Chemical Engg.
Mr. Sagar Shukla
B.E.(Hons.) Mechanical Engg.
Mr. Ramesh Parekh
B.E.(Hons.) Chemical Engg.
Mr. Abhay Doshi
B.E.(Hons.) Production Engg.
Mr. Haresh Kothari
C. A. (Finance)

Non Metallic Valves