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The basic use of a pump is to transport the fluid from one point to its final destination "SANDO" has engendered the technology of Pump Manufacturing for highly corrosive, hazardous and environmentally dangerous fluids The types of Pumps developed by Sando are as follows:

Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seals afre the heart of rotationg Equipments such as pumps, compressors, agitators & Mixers as they have the basic function of sealing the valuable fluids or gases which cannot be allowed to leak The types of Magnetic Seals developed by Sando are as follows:


Valves control & direct the flow of fluids Since valves too find application in corrosive environment, these have to be made of the material which can withstand corrosion as well as high temperatures "SANDO" in this field too has developed special materials for valves to take care of corrosive and hazardous fluids which are difficult to control The types of Valves manufactured by SANDO are as follows:


Non Metallic Valves